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A music creator, founding conductor, Artistic and Executive Director of the Sydney Contemporary Orchestra, Brian has worked as a violinist, cellist, composer and as a conductor in several professional symphony orchestras before settling down in Sydney in 1993.

Brian studied music at the University of Hong Kong  (Bachelor of Arts in music and Master of Philosophy in music), the University of Sydney (Doctor of Philosophy in music) He was the first person in Australia to receive a PhD degree in music composition. Brian also studied music at International Summer Course for New Music in Darmstadt, Germany, and obtained his Licentiate, Fellowship Diplomas from Trinity College of Music London.

 As a conductor, he conducted many of his works' premieres including both his operas around the world.

 As a composer, he has been commissioned by a variety of organizations, including the Hong Kong Composers' Guild, the Hong Kong Arts Festival, and the Symphony Australia.

His compositions have been performed and broadcasted over Asia, Europe, North America and Australia.  He won the Hong Kong Young Musicians' Award in 1985 and the Himalaya Cup Award in the First International Competition for Piano Composition in Beijing in 1995.

As an academic member, he has worked as a tutor/teaching assistant for the Music Department in the University of Hong Kong, a senior faculty member of a conservatory of music in Sydney (where he established curricula for the Bachelor degree in Music Composition), and an external examiner for the University of Wollongong.

Brian is a represented composer of the Australian Music Centre. All of his music is available for purchase or hire through the centre.
By signing the Deed of Assignment with The Composers and Authors Society of Hong Kong (CASH), Brian has assigned to the Society all Performing Rights as they subsist in all countries of the world in the musical work.

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